I am available for bookings as a guest or panelist at your convention, conference, or expo, contact me at [email protected] to discuss how I can fill your programming needs.

My past speaking appearances at conventions and virtual events include:

  • HawaiiCon 2019 (Guest and panelist)
  • Virtual Fanime 2021 (Virtual panelist)
  • Virtual Crunchyroll Expo 2021 (Virtual panelist)
  • Otakuthon at Home 2021 (Virtual panelist)
  • Virtual KawaiiKon 2021 (Virtual panelist)
  • Kumoricon 2021 (Panelist)
  • Lvl Up Expo 2022 (Panelist)
  • Wondercon 2022 (Panelist)
  • Sakuracon 2022 (Panelist)
  • KawaiiKon 2022 (Panelist)
  • Fanime 2022 (Panelist)
  • Comic Con San Diego 2022 (Panelist)
  • Anime Revolution Summer 2022 (Panelist)
  • Emerald City Comic Con 2022 (Panelist)
  • Rose City Comic Con 2022 (Panelist)

Upcoming Events

  • Kumoricon 2022 (Panelist)
  • Fan Expo San Francisco 2022 (Panelist and Red Carpet Photographer)
  • Fan Expo Portland 2023 (Panelist and Red Carpet Photographer)

I have 1-hour long content prepared on the following topics:

Cosplay Photography 101
An introduction to photography at conventions and working with cosplayers.

Professional Cosplay Photography
A discussion on what is like being a professional cosplay photographer, how to get started, and what it takes to stay in the field.

Photography for Cosplayers
A guide to photography for cosplayers covering topics including cosplayer safety, working with photographers, taking your own photos, and the basics of posing.

Cosplay Posing Workshop
An in-depth discussion of posing for photos followed by an interactive live photo shoot to demonstrate the concepts.

I am also prepared to speak on other related topics and to develop new content for your audience.